Hi, I'm Ollie.
Product Designer
& Strategist.

Design lead and product strategist with over 15 years experience. Based in Australia. Available for remote-friendly freelance work.

Recently, a design lead on the launch of the Cheddar Gen-Z Cashback App for Commbank x15 Ventures. Previously, at high-growth startups Happyco and Fergus. Before then, as a freelance designer, introducing UX design into large enterprises.


I’m Ollie Bannatne — an experienced design lead and product strategist. I am passionate about solving problems through human-centred design. Currently based in Sydney, Australia.

I was recently the design lead for the product launch of the Cheddar for Commbank's x15 Ventures. Cheddar was a cashback and loyalty app designed for Gen-Z as the ‘TikTok of shopping'.

A design lead on the founding team for the product launch of the Cheddar, the Gen-Z Cashback App, for Commbank x15 Ventures. Previously, at high-growth startups Happyco and Fergus. I led the release of Happyco's next gen mobile app and re-designed Fergus' SaaS and onboarding experience for the market launch in Australia.

Prior to that, I was a freelance design consultant, leading the introduction of UX design to large enterprises. This included designing  an internal HR portal for 100,000 state govt employees, an app for 20,000 field service workers for an ASX Top 200, and lastly design strategy for the launch of the healthcare product for an ASX Top 20 organisation.


The Digital Imperative

Freelance Design Lead



Product Lead

September 2022–December 2023

x15 Ventures (Commbank)

Design Lead on Cheddar App

May 2021-June 2022


Freelance Snr UX Designer + Product Lead

February 2020-April 2021

The Digital Imperative

Freelance UX Designer & Strategist

April 2016-April 2021


Product Management & Strategy Roles

April 2004-December 2015


End-to-end product design

User experience design

User interface design

Strategic design

Service design

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I can help flesh out and validate an idea, design a new product or service, improve your existing product, or help increase the design maturity of your team.

Currently based in Australia — available for remote-friendly work.