Business Polling App


Secure polling of small business owners for improved decision making.

My contribution

Design Lead Product Manager

The team

1x Junior UI Designer 1x UX/UI Designer



The tools

Sketch + Invision JIRA MS Powerpoint GoToMeeting

The activities

Ideation workshops Industry research User interviews Usability testing User flows High-fidelity wireframes Prototypes Usability testing Agile User Stories with BDD Product grooming workshops


A global community of small-business owners and their supporting organisations required a secure real-time method to poll their membership to make democratic decisions.

The poll results need to be updated in real-time. The results had to be visual form, and visible from the back of the room if they were shown on a projector or a large screen in a large gathering such as chapter meeting, board meeting or on a conference stage.


Leverage existing solution to iterate

The approach taken was to leverage the existing design and implementation of the Marketing Messaging MVP.

Requirements with gathered from business leaders and community stakeholders and involved research, high-level design stories, user research, high-fidelity designs, design prototypes, informal usability testing, and user stories and acceptance criteria, as well product grooming workshops to assess technical feasibility.

During the design process, the solution evolved based on end-user and stakeholder feedback. An additional countdown timer was added to the voting mechanism to increase urgency, and users were given the ability to see in-progress voting (but only had they had voted) for transparency.

To get an understanding of real-world usage, we conducted a test of a beta version to allow attendees to choose their lunch at a large company AGM, with results live on screen.


The solution was a secure polling tool that allowed the leaders to do real-time polling using a mobile-first web app to small business owners around the globe.

Senders could preview polls, configure poll questions and answers, add countdown timers and send to recipients by geography or group membership.

Polls could be edited, and the solution had delivery report information so pollers could see who had received, viewed and completed the polls.

A real-time poll results visualisation allowed the pollers to show live feeds of polls on TVs or projectors at conferences, meetings and events.

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