Major Govt Infrastructure Provider Work Order Experience Re-Design


Re-design and development of vendor work order and claim apps for improved user experience and performance to alleviate vendor complaints. Customer journey mapping to identify gaps and opportunities leading to the creation of a new mobile work order app for field workers.

My contribution

Design Lead Agile Lead

The team



The tools

Sketch + InVision JIRA MS Office Suite Office supplies

The activities

Contextual enquiry User interviews Comparative research User surveys and analysis Usage data analysis Personas User flows Low-fi wireframe design Medium-fi wireframe design Prototyping Usability testing User Stories Sprint planning


The client is a leading global infrastructure and project provider that offers a range of outsourced services to local, state and national government agencies. To fulfil the delivery of those services, the client partners with specialised vendors (like tradespeople and cleaners).

The client provides SAP Fiori apps to distribute work orders to vendors, and allows vendor to financially for services rendered. The vendors had complained about the usability and performance of these apps. The client sought to update the apps as part of a larger work order optimisation project.


The engagement began with on-site user interviews with external vendors to understand the vendor’s employees work order journey. The journey mapping revealed disconnects between the client’s apps and the vendor’s own internal processes. This led to the prioritization of apps and app feature changes for the greater pain points.

The apps were redesigned sequentially with the design of the claim app occurring while the work order was in development. The design began with paper wireframes, then user flows and wireframes, and these were validated with business analysts and developers.

A medium Fidelity prototype was developed using Sketch App and Invision and an interactive prototype was tested with vendors employees, internal field workers and stakeholders across the business.

Once the client had signed off on the design, I set up JIRA Agile, and on behalf of the Product Owner, I created simple User Stories to reflect the UI elements and added these to JIRA. Once delivery commenced, I acted as Scrum Master for an initial 2 person (growing to 5 people) development team worked in two week sprints.

Information architecture


Each of the four apps had between 2-4 personas were created based on interview findings. Examples below are personas for the mobile field worker app.


Medium-fidelity wireframes (and prototypes) for a mobile app were developed and iterated through usability testing with field workers. Below is an example of the wire-flows documentation for final user flows.


The project delivered a new employee and vendor experience on the client’s work-order solution.  The project redesigned and re-implemented the claims and work order apps leveraging SAP Fiori 2.0 and SAP Cloud Platform. The reduced application depth, and simplified optimized user flow increased productivity and reduced training required for both apps.

User engagement led to an insight that a separate tailored mobile app was required before vendors would more broadly adopt the app to their workforce. This lead to the design of a new mobile app with a simplified experience for field workers.

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