Onboarding for B2B SaaS Startup


Research, design and product management of a roadmap of improvements for trialists to increase customer activations for a New Zealand B2B SaaS scale-up entering the Australian market.

My contribution

Senior UX Designer Senior Product Manager

The team

1x Design Lead (UI Design) 1x CX Strategy Consultant 1x Onboarding Squad 1x Customer-facing teams



The tools

Sketch + InVision Miro Heap Lucidchart Google Slides Confluence + JIRA Google Sheets Intercom Zoom MS Power BI

The activities

Data analysis User interviews Competitor research Conceptual mockups Internal stakeholder workshops Prioritisation frameworks Product roadmapping User flows Wireframes Usability testing Scrum User Stories Customer-facing team training Build product tours Video production Feature usage analysis


The client is a job management scale-up that has achieved product-market fit in the New Zealand market for their core demographic of plumbers and electricians. The client was expanding into Australia and looking to achieve product-market fit in the Australian market, and simplify the onboarding experience for Australian customers to drive an increase in the conversions of Australian product triallists.


The approach was to explore the problem space, through user research, data analysis, complimentary research and analysis. The team generated several potential solution concepts. These were mocked up to demonstrate the concepts for stakeholders. Through Stakeholder Workshops, concepts were validated for feasibility, potential customer impact and estimated effort. These were prioritized into a product backlog and roadmap.

Each item on the product backlog went through a design process that included high fidelity designs, usability testing with tradies, and further iteration based upon user feedback. Once the solutions were delivered, real user data on user flow and engagement were monitored. For MVP concepts, customers provided suggestions and improvements.


The solution included improvement of the onboarding process for new trialists. New trial banners encouraged them to sign up. New introduction and welcome videos educate customers on the marketing benefits of the products. New product training videos and product tours increased the learnability of key customer journeys to allow customers to reach their  “aha moments”. Improved user experience for initial setup and accounting integrations.

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