Consumer Value Prop for Product Launch


Commbank x15 Ventures Cheddar was a e-commerce cashback and loyalty app for Gen-Z & Millennials. It was publically released by Commbank in November 2021. (

My contribution

Senior UX Designer (Design Lead of Cheddar)

The team

1x Design Director (BCG DV) 1x Senior UX Designer (BCG DV) 1x Growth Manager (BCG DV) 1x Head of Product (Cheddar)



The tools

Miro Figma Google Slides Zoom Notion

The activities

Project planning Material preparation User interviews Insight synthesis Post-project reporting Build strategy deck


A consumer value proposition had been developed by BCG Digital Ventures for the Cheddar Beta around deal discovery and user experience.  However, the Cheddar investment board asked for a future-looking value proposition defined before releasing Cheddar publicly


Problem exploration and solution iteration

The approach taken was to conduct both qualitative and quantitive research to explore three opportunity areas to extend the existing value proposition. For each of the opportunity areas, new product feature concepts were generated that aligned with those areas.

For quantitative research, the BCG DV Growth manager tested Facebook adverts (covering the three areas) to 50K Australian Gen0z for their interest.

For qualitative research, the design team produced interview scripts and a visual slide deck. We interviewed Australian Gen-Z to find out which concept resonated with them and had them co-design solutions with us. The design team synthesised the feedback from interviewees to produce insights.

The insights from both qual and quant were reconciled to produce a recommended strategy (with the key product capabilities required). These were presented to the investment board for approval.


Cheddar launched with the best deals in the Australian market, and continues to release innovative new features that align with its consumer value proposition. (Please note, the specifics of the consumer value proposition strategy are commercially sensitive).

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