State Government Health Department HR Portal


Introduction of UX Design, Design Thinking and Agile / Scrum Methodology in the Payroll Processing Dept for the roll-out of the employee-centric HR Portal’s significant app and process.

My contribution

SAP Design Thinking Coach UX Design Lead

The team



The tools

Sketch + MS PowerPoint SAP JIRA Office supplies

The activities

Comparative research Persona definition User flows design Wireframe design Prototyping Service blueprint design Usability testing Write User Stories


The client was introducing a replacement HR portal for managers and employees. To ensure a successful launch, and increase stakeholder buy-in they choose employee movements as their ‘killer app’. Employee movements are regarded as a significant pain point by managers, and the length of time required for the completion of movement requests often results in over and under payment of employees.  The project sought to completely digitize and re-engineer the process using design thinking.


I was engaged as an SAP Consultant to assist the client with the SAP Design Thinking framework’s Design phase. We began with two weeks of cross-functional group workshops using the learnings of the discovery phase to re-design the existing paper forms on butcher paper.

These were then converted into medium-fidelity wireframes. These designs were then iterated through dozens of further workshops with subject matter experts throughout the business for further validation. Prototypes were developed using PowerPoint and SAP Build. My UX junior then began usability testing with employees, and the design was further refined.

I introduced, and then supported a colleague as he became Scrum Master and introduced Scrum into the department. User stories were written with UI BDD acceptance criteria, Atlassian JIRA was configured for Scrum, a physical Scrum Wall created, and support was given for the introduction of Scrum events and team training.

Co-Design Design Thinking Workshops

Butcher paper on the walls from co-design workshops. Up to 15 cross-functional staff members participated in each workshop.


The medium fidelity design went through over 20 iterations and continued to evolve during the delivery.

UX design and scrum methodology delivery

To communicate the design and user stories, and teach the developers Scrum I set-up the Design and Scrum wall for daily standups.(The physical artifacts were complemented with Atlassian JIRA).

Design thinking coaching

Coaching the department’s solution consultants, BAs and architects on Design Thinking, UX Design, and the Scrum Methodology through one-on-one coaching, seminars, workshops.


Throughout the design process, I sought to rationalize, consolidate and simplify the design. Through the use of a complex branching wizard and conditional logic, the initial 45 SAP Fiori Apps that were needed to cater for all use cases were consolidated to just six.

The users are guided through the request process and required only to complete the essential information required. Where information was already available in the system, it was pre-populated. Invalid options were prevented. The UI was crafted to ensure that any mistakes that could lead to a delay were negated at the start of the process. Ke decision data for managers and executives to make approve/reject decisions are provided at the point of approval.

Although the Request app could be as long as 15 screens for the most complicated employee movements, simple use cases for employee request could be as little as 2 or 3 screens.

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