Retail Stock Count App (SAP Fiori)


User Experience (UX) Design and Service Design for a major retail network to help make in-store stock counts for retail employees and store-men.

My contribution

Product Designer

The team


The tools

Sketch SAP Splash SAP BUILD Axure RP7 Screencast Pro + Refactor

The activities

Comparative research Persona definition User flows design Wireframe design Prototyping Service blueprint design Usability testing Writing user stories


Stock takes in a retail store

The client is a leading, Australian owned agribusinesses with more than forty specialist businesses operating across its network including a number of farming merchandise retail stores. Stock takes are performed infrequently, with a loss of revenue for shutting a store for up to two days.

The client sought to improve the store stock take by increasing the productivity of store stock counting to decrease the store downtime. This enabled stock takes to be run more frequently, and digitization increased the accuracy of store inventory, leading to early discovery and prevention of losses.

The solution devised was to develop a new easy to use stock counting app for store staff running on a custom barcode scanning android device.


Sprint to innovation

I owned the research and design of the Stock Count application for retail store staff.

I reviewed the existing process, then researched and designed an app using an iterative design process. The design began with paper wireframes, then user flows and wireframes and these were validated with subject matter experts, developers, and SAP functional analysts.

A low fidelity prototype was developed using Sketch App and Splash and Build and tested with eight users. The next step was an interactive prototype used to demonstrate functionality and receive further feedback from the store managers and field staff.

The app was then developed and refined based on field testing and further user input.


Two personas we are designing for:



SAP Fiori mobile app (leveraging the SAP HANA Cloud Platform) designed to be both incredibly simple and easy to use. It combined incredible flexibility with intelligence for speed and simplicity.

The app allows users to quickly choose the product through bar code scanning, quick selection of product, or by entering product details.

The app intelligently refines the user’s choices when they partially enter any information about the product. An easy to use numerical pad design allowed a storeman to easily enter stock count.

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