Attractiveness of Product Roadmap Features UX Research


Commbank x15 Ventures Cheddar is an e-commerce cashback/loyalty app for Gen-Z & Millennials. Prior to launch, there was a need to understand the attractiveness of potential features to Gen-Z.

My contribution

Senior UX Designer (Design Lead on Cheddar)

The team

Head of Product



The tools

Figma MS Powerpoint Miro Notion MS Teams

The activities

Project planning High fidelity design Interview planning User interviews Insight synthesis Company Showcase


Cheddar's Head of Product sought to understand the resonance of potential major features on the long-term roadmap with a Gen-Z audience, prior to the public release of Cheddar, to aid with the prioritisation of the product roadmap.


Test concepts with audience

The approach taken was to produce high-fidelity design concepts of twenty (20) potential roadmap features and get a diverse group of Australian gen-z to give us feedback on each of the features.

The design concepts were each added to a slide deck as a Spotify playlist to make the process more fun. Interviewees were taken through the slide deck and asked to prioritise their playlist (stack ranking) each of the concepts against each other, and explain why they putting some concepts at the top and some at the bottom.

The feedback and stacked ranks were then correlated into a report and played back to the wider company at the product showcase.


The solution included a stacked ranking of potential features and feedback insights from users. This helped the Head of Product identify whether potential major features on the product would be delighters, satisfiers, dissatisfiers or hygiene (must-have) features so that he could prioritise accordingly.

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